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I like ur kitty too
Dr.Squirrel6 years ago
Nice Pic
The Jamalam7 years ago
i think you should post more stuff.
join my group
fobblewabble (author) 9 years ago
Im about to post my knex car with 4 wheel drive
fobblewabble (author)  fobblewabble8 years ago
im taking a break. I get on every once in awile tho.
crestind8 years ago
Where did you go? You disappeared.
hey i lie your kitty
fobblewabble (author)  funwithfire3259 years ago
yea shes fat.
fobblewabble (author) 9 years ago
im working on 2 cars. One of the cars has a new 4 wheel drive mechanism using rubberbands. The other one has a gun on top that goes of by its self when driving. Which should I post first? I actually think I should post my new 4 wheel drive mechanism. But you guys decide and ill, and ill post which ever you guys want me to post.
Easy Button9 years ago
will we be seeing your bazoka soon? im hoping for it even though i dont have the roller coaster car but i figure out a round if i make it
fobblewabble (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
its posted
fobblewabble (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
It need to be able to run on a track
ok ill try to figure it out after you make it