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headsdeep5 years ago
did you check out my pics you deff made these things happen
with your mind sorta like telecinesis

if i connected a led to a pot the same way you discribed
for button, ould said led fade in and out as the pot was used?

or should i just try it?
fraganator (author)  headsdeep5 years ago
Is the pic you're referring to the modded double neck guitar in your profile? Excellent stuff!

If you connect an LED to the wiper pin of the pot, it will fade in brightness relative to the changing resistance of the pot. Don't take my word for it though, try it out! Remember to put a resistor in series with the LED to limit the current travelling through it when the pot is turned to it's minimum resistance.
if you sell 1 email me petescivic2003@yahoo.ca thankzz
hey frag will you sell 1 of those midi controller
Direktor5 years ago
Hi...are possible for your insert in your project one rotary encoder (example one simple rotary encoder whitout stop micro sfere)??thanks