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Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
May 8, 2012
Retired - working on the parabolic solar hot water heater; maintaining the house; Devotional meetings every Fri. w/the wife and friends; Study Circle - Book V, etc.
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  • frazelle09 commented on MidnightMaker's instructable Solar Tracker in the Internet Cloud9 months ago
    Solar Tracker in the Internet Cloud

    Wow. This is great!We are trying to do something similar, but just with one-axis tracking since it's for a solar hot water heater. Here's our link to our Appropedia site...http://www.appropedia.org/Parabolic_Solar_Hot_Wate...As you can see, we've stopped using the LED tracker in favor of some programming and a Raspberry Pi A, but since i'm not a coder, even though the code is Open Source from Jay Dosher, i'm having to step through his code in order to update it to Python 3.x and it's a bear - lol. i'm on step 250 or so and have some 250 more lines to go. Then we have to connect it to a IMU which will give us the orientation of the collector. My question would be: Do you think any of the code you're using would be simpler to use? He's got his code connected to the Pysolar code which calculates the Sun position. Again, congrats on such a beautiful project. Hope the kids stay interested in engineering! i had one of our grandchildren who is 5 - almost 6 - help solder some wires to connect the one-wire temperature sensor and connect it to the web...https://thingspeak.com/channels/72565 The other question is: i don't think we are using a stepper motor. Can a regular D.C. motor be used with these designs or are we going to have to find a stepper? The one we are presently using is 12V 1.2Amp which will turn up to 5 collectors. Have a great morning! :)

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