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April 14, 2015
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  • fred_ commented on keokg2's instructable Wifi Extender1 week ago
    Wifi Extender

    instructables messed up my poor ascii art. The probe should all be vertically aligned with the bottom tick mark. :)

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  • fred_ commented on osgeld's instructable Master a perfect inline wire splice everytime2 months ago
    Master a perfect inline wire splice everytime

    It's possible to pull company data off the hard drive even if it's been formatted or even over written. There are free programs to wipe a drive and over write it enough times to prevent hardware methods of extracting data. Or just crush the drive platters. Why scrap a puter that still has worth to somebody?

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  • fred_ commented on vina1991's instructable ULTRA CHEEP HOME AUTOMATION UNDER $53 months ago

    It's probably not the best circuit for a few reasons. You'd probably get corrosion where the copper wire attaches to the bolt. A DC current is likely to corrode the ss bolts and would make a small amount of chlorine. Chlorine and copper are two things you'd want to keep away from a marine tank. You could probably use a cheap pressure sensor and a pic/duino etc to analyze rational level measurements and other logic tests to trap system failures. That way you'd only have a plastic tube exposed to the water with the electronics away from the moisture/salt. Might be $10+ range though.

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  • fred_ commented on bekathwia's instructable Hard Cook Eggs with Steam3 months ago
    Hard Cook Eggs with Steam

    It's not as likely to be as reproducable for a few reasons. Every oven is different, pretty much nobody calibrates their oven (or even knows that your can). Every spot in the oven is different and the temperature swings as it cycles might be 50 degrees. Steam or boiling gets everyone to get similar results. A little more goof proof.If you're getting 90% or better clean peeling eggs don't change :)Steam or already boiling water gets you a few things. The size of your burner is mostly out of the equation. The faster start then the cold water start method gives slightly less time for the egg white to bind to the shell membrane. Mostly the change in ph as the egg ages makes them easier to peel. I go with the boil cover and let sit for 10 minutes with the lid on method. Then crash cooling in an ice bath prevents over cooked green tinged smelly yolks and rubbery whites and helps older easy peeling eggs make a nicer egg shape when their larger air pocket in the shell rapidly shrinks (for deviled eggs).02 if you're lucky enough to have right out of the chicken eggs don't waste em by hard boiling hard to peel eggs. BTW don't wash them if anything dry wipe them. Leave the protective film on the egg intact.

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