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  • E-dohicky the Electronic Version of  Russ's Laser Power Meter Dohicky

    This is a very comprehensive well written Instructable. Nicely annotated and accompanied by great photographs. I am hopeful to be able to construct one of these meters. I have Russ' dohickey and it works great, even though it is only slightly bulky to have a temperature meter and probe with separate wiring. Your project turns the entire assembly into a very convenient hand-held sophisticated power meter.Have you considered to provide the PCB files in SVG, AI, or DXF or other vector format? I ask, because laser cutter owners can create PCBs by masking the copper board with black paint, then burning off the non-copper areas of paint, followed by etching in appropriate solution.Congratulations on a great project presentation.

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      • The Ultimate Guide to Laser-cut Box Generators
      • Slow Dance - a Fusion of Art and Magic
      • Android Christmas Lights Controller
  • fred_dot_u commented on HeatherW185's instructable Mousetrap Car8 months ago
    Mousetrap Car

    What do you think about using discarded CD or DVDs for the wheels? It may be a bit more work to add a hub to take the axles, but less expensive for those who have a few otherwise useless disks.

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  • fred_dot_u commented on brichtl's instructable Laser Engrave Metal10 months ago
    Laser Engrave Metal

    It's amazing to consider that there's one other marking compound that should be used for stainless steel. It's grey poupon mustard!

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  • fred_dot_u commented on PhilH40's instructable Simple T Track for Woodwork Jigs 11 months ago
    Simple T Track for Woodwork Jigs

    The method in the instructable will result in a more accurate slot as well as a more easily aligned, glued and clamped slot cover. Nicely done.

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  • Generating Elliptical Boxes Using a Laser Cutter and Inkscape

    Even with the Inkscape_helper files in place, this plugin does not work with 0.92 version of Inkscape. That's unfortunate, as this could be quite a wonderful add-on for the program.

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  • RooBee One - SLA DLP Aluminum Frame 3D Printer

    Not a free software package at US$495, but has a free trial here:

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  • fred_dot_u commented on mikey77's instructable How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute1 year ago
    How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute

    I can see that might be the case. One would then expect that the suguru stuff doesn't use a similar method to catalyze. There probably isn't much moisture in the cornstarch until it is opened. After that, all bets are off.

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  • fred_dot_u commented on mikey77's instructable How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute1 year ago
    How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute

    Walmart still sells the right stuff. You don't have to smell it to ensure it's the correct product. Look on the label and you'll see it has a "warning" that says acetic acid is released during cure. Acetic acid is vinegar. The wrong silicone has a similar warning, but the release chemical has a longer name I've forgotten.

    Once the caulk-type tubes of silicone are opened, they will cure internally and become useless in a short time. If you have a food-saver type vacuum sealer, the tube can be sealed inside and will last much much longer. Even the low priced hand pump version will increase the shelf life of the unused silicone. The gallon size bags are difficult to find locally, but I checked Amazon and they are available there.It's also possible (but not tested) that any unused oogoo left over could be saved in a vacuum bag.If you use the hand pump vacuum bags, add a piece of adhesive tape on the vacuum flap of the bag to ensure it doesn't accidentally release and let air inside.

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