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Dec. 18, 2015
I am a civil engineer and I love the work I do. I get to spend a lot of time finding solutions to real problems. I also love my country and our freedoms.
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  • How to Grow and Maintain a Manly Moustache!

    Forgot to mention, if you do manage to find yourself a nice double edge safety razor at a flea market, or online, be sure to clean it first as I'm sure it has been used before, all of my 12 razors have. I just clean them first with some very hot water and baking soda and let them soak, then use an old toothbrush to brush away any gunk, and have used scrubbing bubbles a time or two as well. Toothpaste is also an excellent cleaner, then I'd run it through more hot water to clean it off, followed by a good bath in some hydrogen peroxide, then into some alcohol just to make sure there is no bacteria on it before you start using it to shave with. Takes some time, but I really enjoy my shaving and collection of older-than-my-grandfather razors.

    Forget that bar of soap! That's the worst thing you could use on your face. Go and get yourself a nice puck of shave soap or tube of shaving cream, they're relatively cheap, and get yourself an old coffee cup. Sometimes you can find a pretty cheap deal on a set with shaving mug/soap and a nice brush. If you can find a nice set that includes shaving oil and some after balm to go with the shave soap, then pick that up. I like to shave mine up with a cheap 1920's open comb, double edge saftey razor, but any safety razor will do. Plus, it makes you feel more like a badass to shave with a REAL blade. That regular soap will dry you out and doesn't shave very well, while warm shaving soap brushed on your face after a hot shower and shaved off with a warm, sharp safety razor will just glide the hair away. Just remember, no shave soap, no shave, in other words, only shave the areas on your face that have soap on them, once it's gone, reapply, never shave dry. Cheers and Wet Shave On!

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