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I love your chicken coop design. If they let us have chickens here I would be out there now building one. Fantastic. Cher - Craftcycle-NaturalCrafting
check out your municipal code lots of places allow them and also check your zoning. I live in colorado springs in the proper you can only have up to six chickens no roosters( not that I wanted one) but I live out side the city limits and out side of the city limits I can have up to ten chickens on less then 1 acer. I love having chickens fresh eggs are awesome.
frenchkitchen (author)  LaLasha5 years ago
In my city, residents can have up to 3 chickens and no roosters with out a permit. If you wish to have more, you can, but you need to get a permit from the county. The permit costs $35. It's pretty straight-forward.

You notify your surrounding neighbors, build it a certain distance from any living space and then let the county come inspect the soundness of your coop. Needless to say, the county said it was the nicest coop they had ever seen and or inspected.