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Hello frickelkram,

Did you ever finish your wind belt? I would like to see your instructable if you have.

frickelkram (author)  jamesturnernz7 years ago
Hi James, no I have'nt. I build one using rather thick rubber band. It works basically, but I wanted to build a power geberator for my garage. Therefore I need to get more power out of the system. I wanted to experiemtn with other belt matterial. In the meantime I found on the Internet, that people prefer old video tapes. Because I built two generators, each on one side of the belt, I cannot change the tension of the belt. It's been a long time since I worked on it and I think I will not work on it in the near future ... Do you want do build such a generator? by, Wolfgang
Hello Wolfgang,

Thank you for the update. Yes, I'm very interested in understanding more about generating my own electricity and I thought the windbelt was a great place to start.

I have started building a windbelt from a hard drive and video tape with a simple LED to show the power.

The current examples do not always show lots of detail in the right places. For example, where to connect the wires for the LED, but now that I have started my own I can figure some of these things out as I go.

I thought your instructable may have more detail that would be useful.

Thank you,