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tplim3 years ago
Hi frollard, thanks for d answer.
frollard (author)  tplim3 years ago
No problem. If we/you know the requirements of your system it helps answer the question more precisely. "how long is a piece of string"?
tplim frollard3 years ago
Ha ha u throws me a piece of question. Ans: from zero to infinity.
canucksgirl4 years ago
In a world where the blind leads the blind, who do you follow?

I'll follow the seeing eye dog... :D
frollard (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
but in that world, the dog would be blind too :D Still, dogs are awesome ;)
LOL... well you didn't say that part. :D

It should then read, "In a world where the blind leads the blind, AND all the seeing eye dogs are blind, who do you follow?"

Then I would follow a bat. They use biosonar. What's the worst that could happen? I become a vampire? :P
frollard (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
wonderful dialogue :)

It's built into the blind leading the blind, because the seeing eye dogs are the leaders, but in that world they wouldn't be called seeing eye dogs, more 'sniffing nose dogs'. They aren't very effective for anything.

Definitely evolve the mammalian ability to fly as a terrestrial biped, and you pretty much have to be a vampire.
Indeed. :)

In a world of "sniffing nose dogs", would we in fact call people blind at all? That would be like saying we're all missing our sense of sapientia. If we never had this sense, how would we know?
hellrider755 years ago
do you paid for your pro membership?
frollard (author)  hellrider755 years ago
yup. I bought one as soon as they came out because I support the foundation and spirit of instructables.
me too, but im broke. and my parents don't quite share the love
frollard (author)  freeza364 years ago
Well, the next step is to post ibles that are featureable content and get free pro.
you cant win one throw views or anything?
frollard (author)  hellrider755 years ago
Only creating feature-worthy content or winning contests.
To answer your question in the header. The voices of my friends.. which will probably lead me to a bar... :p