• Modifying 120deg viewing angle infrared rear view camera

    Please be careful and check what exactly chip your camera has. I had 2 of these cameras both identical on the outside. They both had different circuit boards and chips. The first camera I tried lifting the pin didn't help , I completely removed the chip and it still changed nothing(it was a similar eprom chip). In the end I shorted it accidentally while checking my progress and killed it. The second camera had a marked circuit board for the mirror and grid lines. I removed one smd resistor to stop the grid lines. For the mirrored image I had to remove the smd resistor (not easy on a tightly spaced board). This did not change it, I had to place a new resistor in the adjacent space. My smd resistors were too large so I had to solder a 10k through hole instead Then heat shrink and glue to prevent shorts. That was even less fun than removing them too start with.Thanks to bbarenz and all the posters on instructables.

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  • Powering and Controlling Your Devices; Part 1 - Determining Voltage and Current Requirements

    Hi BrandonF39,Depending on the type of printer you buy you might be able to use a DC to DC converter instead of the AC one(if it doesn't suit your needs). Some printers have those external AC to DC power supplies, and some are designed to be small and portable with built in batteries.In that case it would only be a matter of matching the (DC)voltage and amperage required by the printer.It all depends on the existing converter you have ( exact specs and power input required should be with the unit or look the model up online) and what printer you need or would like to buy. If you need more help send me a message, I'm not an expert but I'd be happy to try and assist you. It shouldn't be too difficult to sort out. You have plenty of options .

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