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Sept. 10, 2008
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Brought up in a household where building, engineering, math, science, and design were the law of the land. One of my earliest memories is my father taking me out to his workshop when I must have been 5 or 6. He sat me down with a big hunk of wood, gave me a hammer and a few nails and said, "practice." I have a degree in chemical engineering and...
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  • Oglee commented on fu m4nchu's instructable How to break in leather military boots9 months ago
    How to break in leather military boots

    military boots see far worse conditions in the field and we don't usually have the luxury of oiling them after we get them wet.Soaking your boots and letting them bake dry in the Afghan heat is a way of life. Honestly my boots never fit 100% until I soak them and bake dry them in the sun.

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