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Oct. 20, 2013
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  • funny1048 commented on Thinkenstein's instructable PVC -- It's Great for Inventions4 weeks ago
    PVC  --  It's Great for Inventions

    you can do this with hdpe which is a different type of plastic than pvc and its found everywhere for instance milk jugs, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles and pretty much any plastic bottle in your house. anyways it is much safer and less toxic to melt than pvc and i have had lots of luck melting it into boards and plastic lumber in a toaster oven. make sure you have a mold such as one made out of wood that you can clamp under pressure as the plastic melts down to the consistency of taffy which requires pressure. and always melt it in a toaster oven rather than a fire as melting it in a fire will burn and ruin the plastic and may smell bad.

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    i have tryed this without a battery and had success basically i lowered the panel voltage down to 12 volts with a step down regulator or buck converter which i then fed into the inverter and i was able to power anything up to 40 watts from a 60 watt solar panel. however i had problems powering anything over 40 watts the inverter would beep and briefly power it but not constantly power it. i think what you could use is a stiffening capacitor making sure you connect it after the buck converter as its only made to handle 12 volts, this would allow some surge capacity without a battery and it will also help to smooth the output and possibly be able to increase the load. keep in mind that if a cloud passes your wattage will go way down and you would temporarily lose power. i have a video on youtube where i tryed this i can give the link if you request

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