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AndyNitz3 years ago
Good Day too you, wondering if you could help me, I am looking for a pattern to make an ascot. I am creating a Dr Who outfit and have silk material but just need a pattern to follow, Cheers and Thank You, Long Live Steampunk.
Edeltraut7 years ago
Hey, I'm not sure if you'd know this, but can you tie this type of ascot into a day cravat? For the casual ascot tie. I was looking to make one and i'm wondering if its more in the form or in the way you tie the ascot.
XMalice7 years ago
Is that you in the picture on this instructable? Because if it is, you're are rather thoroughly attractive. I have a thing for beards, though. Just thought I'd let you know. I like to provide a no strings honest ego boost occasionally.