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  • fzbw9br commented on the tat2artist's instructable Make your own Teepee2 weeks ago
    Make your own  Teepee

    my understanding from talking with folks who have lived in teepees, if you use a liner, you peg it to the ground, and run it up the inside, then when you stretch out the outside cover, you peg it so there are a couple inches above the ground to allow air flow.this helps pull the smoke out the top, and keep everything below the top of the liner pretty smoke free.Also, setting up teepee was woman's work. Men would never help, as the women take GREAT pride in their home

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  • How to Disassemble a Mossberg 500 Series Shotgun

    with the pin out, the trigger group is removed by tilting it up from the rear/butt end.there are tabs that hold the front/barrel end in the receiver

    I found there is no reason to, unless you need to clean in it.... I have not found an easy way to take one apart.perhaps they have made them disassemblable over the last 30 years.

    absolutelyI have had two of these, and did exactly that.I used a fine stone to knock off all the edges, and an extra fine to polish all the sides that make contact with other metal.upon reassembly, I had oiled it all up, and when totally assembled, I worked the slide a few thousand times watching a movie.after that, I have NEVER had a jam or cartridge hang up. (Wish I could say the same thing about the Remington Wingmasters or 870's)

    a shotgun is not a weapon, it is a tool with a specific purpose.an aluminum bat is more a weapon than a 12ga shotgun

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