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Sept. 11, 2015
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  • Shaving with Lathered Shaving Soap and a Double-Edge Razor

    I'm one of the old school (70 year old) who adopts the following method of shaving, Soak your shaving brush in hot water (my brush is an old one made from Badger hair) to remove previous shaving residue. Wash and soap the beard area using hot water. This removes natural oils and softens bristles, next apply shaving soap using a shaving brush replenishing the hot water and soap on the brush frequently. Then shave going with the growth not against it as that causes soreness and abrades the skin. Finally rinse the face and neck area with cold water to close the pores. The modern multi bladed razor blades are far superior than the old high-quality double-edged blades and I don't think I have ever cut myself using the former. If you do decide to use the old type double sided blade invest in a styptic pencil to quell the blood flow when you nick yourself. Incidentally there is an urban myth that one won't receive a better shave than from a cut throat, that's absolute B/S as it is a slow, tedious process fraught with the possibility of cuts.

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