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  • 6 Ways to Plug or Fill Pocket Holes

    And it sands a whole lot easier. Besides the issue that it "bangs" quite different from wood (when struck from an object). Also, it does take a bit more prep for painting: you must do an undercoat and sand, then it will finish as if solid wood.

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  • g-s-c commented on fixthisbuildthat's instructable 6 Ways to Plug or Fill Pocket Holes2 weeks ago
    6 Ways to Plug or Fill Pocket Holes

    #7: dry-wall patch. You apply with a putty knife and be sure to leave it proud to the wood--it will shrink. VERY easy to sand to a flat final surface for painting. The bad parts are that there is NO WAY for this to be stained or the like to look like wood. It's white and will stay white. The other bad is that if something pokes it later, it can dent. This is not as bad as it sounds as it requires a direct and pointed hit. That's actually hard to do.

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