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June 24, 2007
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  • Kiteman, Downunder35m and veloci8 commented on gabdab's forum topic solar light to laser beam ?1 month ago

    So if i am not late... I am trying to do the same thing now but with normal light (flashlight....), so as I understood this. You need to place 2 magnifying glasses, so that the light from the first is fully concentrated (when the dot is smallest), then it needs to pass through the second magnifying glass. And then it should be converted in a laser or a concentrated beam... - veloci8

    Maybe you should read up on the definition of LASER.....Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation....Three vital parts are missing in your concept:Amplification, Stimulation and Emission.Without that all you get is a focussed beam of plain and normal light. - Downunder35m

    Concentrated beam, yes. Laser, no. Read the other comments for reasons why. - Kiteman

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  • twitt50 commented on gabdab's forum topic solar light to laser beam ?6 months ago

    It will work, but the question I have is what type of laser are you thinking about developing? You can easily make Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which is a low power laser. If you are looking to make high power laser then you will need lots of money and a lab. This will take a lot of research...I worked on all types of lasers in the mid 1990's when Optics were 1st becoming popular....fun stuff!

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