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  • Sanding Pads with Velcro Backing Made Easy

    Scotchbrite!!!I was running into the same problems you fellas were, so I grabbed everything I could think of, not even cotton T-shirts would do the trick. So I ws going through all my many years of collected things and found a new scotchbrite pad , Lowes or Home Depot, cant remember which, you can buy em in 10 packs at the time, and different grits as well. Stuck very nicely to the velcro, havent mounted it to and sandpaper yet, and due to the thickness it may either have to be split down the center or may need a stiff or semi stiff material 3m'ed to it. regardless of how you use it, I beleive those of you who dont have access to velcro tape, this may be the way to go, hope this helps anyone stuck, cheers

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