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  • gavinnn commented on Darthorso's instructable Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap1 week ago
    Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

    No worries dcp123, it was totally self-motivated :) I live near water and my wife attracts more mosquitos than most traps do, so I'm always on the lookout for solutions!

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  • gavinnn commented on Darthorso's instructable Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap2 weeks ago
    Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

    The most you can hope for, even if you fill your trap 5 times a night, is a warm feeling of revenge. As another poster said, there are billions of mosquitos, especially in your area, and your trap will not change the number of mosquitos landing on you - at all. Not criticizing, like your idea - easy to make and clever - just trying to add some perspective.

    I did a bit of reading http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2061373/Mosquitoes-fly-bite-eat--especially-females.html and this informative faq from the American Mosquito Control Association http://www.mosquito.org/faq (Note: How far can mosquitos fly? What can homeowners do to reduce mosquito bites? and Are backyard systems effective? among others). It seems mosquitos ranges vary quite a bit, many around 150m according to the first article and up to, with some exceptions, around 11km (7mi). Hatching areas near the house do seem to provide many of the mosquitos we deal with, though, so it's worth dealing with them. The original poster is located not far from the massive swamps south of Venice, so he's prolly better off using barriers or repellants.

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  • gavinnn commented on MatthewM232's instructable Chromecast On/Off Switch1 year ago
    Chromecast On/Off Switch

    If you're resoldering the wires, why not cut only the red wire and leave the other two? Drill your enclosure at the seam where the sides meet so the wire is enclosed but doesn't have to pass through a hole.

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