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Electric guitar is a good one. Thanks for following me.

Great instructable. Thanks for following me.

Thanks for following me..

Scrapod00187 years ago
Hey this is a question about guitars, Im thinking of building one but im not clear on how to drill the hole between the pickup pits without damaging the top. Thanks for your help, the rest of the guide is amazing.
Purchase an 18in long drill bit from lowes and go through the neck route pass the second pickup position about where the bridge would sit so you can ground too the bottom of the bridge.
sann246 years ago
hey..its ali from pakistan..i saw ur construction guide for an electric guitar n loved it..i had a question, if ud be kind enuff to help..is it possible to put a piezoelectric pickup on the guitar ur constructing without having to get a special bridge with a slot for it (since its really hard to get unconventional guitar accessories down here)?? if yes..how? (im using a simple strat-style korean-made bridge)

actually im using himalayan cedar for a solid body which is very resonant..n i dont wanna miss out on the opportunity to put its resonance to an additional acoustic use..respond soon..regards
black kujo7 years ago
heres a site i found when modding my tele adds way more than semour duncan but can me a little compicated hope this helps
wade577 years ago
I have a Theory of a electric guitar witch is have you ever put your ear next to your guitar.If your playing a not plug in to amp.I have already started this Model First one. I need some feed back It is in the process of becoming a Great guitar. I Know Gibson and Fender are Great Guitars.But What iam building is from 30 years of Carpendery. I Know of tonal Wood. I want to Get Away from all the ideals of making I dont want any preamp stuff in my Elictric Guitar.Iam gonna call it Bone Tone at this point. Any Feeed Back Will Be Known. THANKS
hello, i am currently building a guitar, and i wuold like to thank you. your 'ible is absolutly amazing, it has helped me sooooooo much. your instructions are VERY detailed and precise. so once again, thank you

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