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  • Develop Slide Film With C-41 Chemicals AKA E-6(-)

    Thanks for the instructable!I tried the same, using ilford pq-universal as first developer. Also got magenta-purple color cast - strong one. It is correctable in scanning, but I eventually gave it up, waiting to get some proper e6 chemistry. If someone has tips on how to reduce the color cast, it would be nice.

    It is also possible to use flash/studio flash for fogging (3-4 times on each side should be enough). Dont know if it helps on the color cast, though.

    Interesting comment! I have cyan-grey highlight problem on regular c41, using professional chemistry in small tanks.... It might be related to the problem you describe.I presume "stop-clear" - stop mixed with aspoon of sulfite - would be the best way to stop and rinse away the developer.

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