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griegeaux2 years ago

Hey man could you link me to the video you used to have of you using the magnetic cube you'e made?

dudemen7 years ago
hey my moms friend would like to purchase a magnetic cube because she is a collecter of puzzle cubes and was wondering if she could purchase one from you. she would like to set her own price and have the information sent to her. thank you for your time!
wwjoshuad9 years ago
hello again! i was very impressed with your image stacking technique and i googled it... i can't believe i haven't heard of this until now and i'm surprised that you haven't done an instructable on that - more less a tuturial than actually building something, but still. i have you to thank for this supreme way of capturing ultimate quality photos!
I was wondering if you could build me one of those acrylic rubick's cubes, they are really cool and you are very talented. I would pay you whatever you ask. Let me know when you can. my email is Jarrettnew@yahoo.com
JTBurns229 years ago
hi i would just like to know if you have made any progress in making a LED cube i'm intrested in making one and would just like to what you have come up with
spott9 years ago
Did you ever figure out a glue that doesn't create those flaws in the acryic cubes? I'm about to attempt this project for myself, but I would rather be able to avoid the flaws if I can. thanks -Andrew
vsj7ea5ew9 years ago
Would you be willing to build one of these and sell it to me? I have a friend also interested in one, I'd be willing to pay the cost of parts plus shipping and a little extra for your troubles. Please get back to me. shadw123d@yahoo.com
Thumperman9 years ago
From your research, do you have any links to alternative resources you could share with us? I would like to know if there are any wood cube discoveries you may have come across.
ctran10 years ago
I'd like to ask your opinion regarding cartoon making since you're in the field. Please let me know if you're willing to answer. My e-mail is ctran@yahoo.com. Thanks.