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sunnygyk1 year ago

You are really beautiful!

sup ma
dizzbeyolo2 years ago
Que pasa mami.
janie1102 years ago
Really cute! Solves my Halloween costume to a space party! Thank you!
I am in awe looking at all the amazing clothing work you did. Thank you.
my mother likes your way of making dresses.same here also,k.
Absolutely love the Trek suit!
tus tutoriales son muy lindos!!
monsterlego4 years ago
I like how you keep the Star Trek outfit as your profile pic.
Live long and prosper.
mjmc5 years ago
Cute girl. Cute dress. Can you show us how to make that red ring you are wearing in this video?
andreitaa5 years ago
aww ! me encanta todo que haces ! :D
geomorgan5 years ago
Thanks so much for your amazing videos! I now make a lot of my clothes!

2 questions, though... Where do you get your fabric and what type do you usually use?

Thanks... your the best!