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  • giantpair commented on Rustie0125's instructable Arduino low Power Project.2 months ago
  • giantpair commented on Rustie0125's instructable Arduino low Power Project.2 months ago
    Arduino low Power Project.

    For my Nano 5V it says "4:25: fatal error: VirtualWire.h: No such file or directory"

    How come it doesn't compile Nano? Does Mini Pro use different code?

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  • Lithium Battery Solar USB/ iPhone/ Arduino Charger

    But with wall power instead of solar

    Did you have any luck with this? I've done some research. https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=425890.0

    Can you link me to some info about doing this using wall power and having the phone/load run operational at the same time please? Here's my research efforts thus far. https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=425890.0

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    Oh yes, I see the night time part of the charging cycle in the graph - that's a problem. How do I make the thing forget that it's day or night?

    I know this is anti-planet, but it a self preservation home security type deal, so it is pro-safety.

    Hi Deba. I need to make this circuit using wall power instead of solar power, much like a mobile phone charger. I need to have about 800 mA (peak) plus a bit of current for charging. Seems like this contraption of yours will work for my purposes. There are plenty of mobile phone charger builds on the internet, but none with load sharing! The load I have is a Nano, a servo and 2 white LEDs. Any help please?

    Note: the circuit is working of wall or battery power, I just want it to have power management and charging, with wall and battery as alternate inputs and battery and load circuit as outputs. You can see my fruity endeavours so far at https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=425890.0

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  • giantpair commented on totof60's instructable USB Lipo Charger2 months ago
    USB Lipo Charger

    I don't understand the maximum current output of the MCP73831 chip. Could I output about 700 mA to my circuit and say 100 mA to my battery?

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  • Analog Accelerometer Control of a Servo

    This would work with an MPU-6050?

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  • giantpair commented on seraine's instructable Motion Activated Servo3 months ago
    Motion Activated Servo

    I have had good luck with this setup using the HC-SR501 but found the HC-SR505 (the mini version) unreliable, either overactive or not working at all. I have tried multiple units and have not tried to modify the code/wiring. Someone PLEASE help me to use the mini!

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  • Arduino DC motor speed control potentiometer

    It won't work probably because my motor is 12V. Now I need to try a boost converter or find another way. I think I would use PWM via a 555-timer if I had one. Any thoughts? In update, I now have managed PWM via L298N motor driver and a potentiometer. In order to make the speed go really slowly and constant it seems I need to use either a step motor instead of a DC motor or use speed feedback on the DC motor. Just my understanding so far.

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