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JTAAUSTEX2 years ago

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assman665 years ago
i have a question.. what wattage are the resistors? because it says 1watt for the 10ohm. are all 1watt?

..thanks let me know im trying to build this..
gigin (author)  assman665 years ago
No the resistor are 1/4 watt except the resistor except that 10 ohm resistor its 1 watt resistor.

i hope it helps.. it nice amp...
assman66 gigin5 years ago
thanks for the reply. i have been trying to build this amp but i get a horrible sound...i changed the 10ohm resistor to a 1watt and it made it sound better..but i still get a hissing unclear sound..when i put up the gain it gets worst..when i put it down it sounds a bit better but there is still distortion and hissing...

do you have any advice or did you encounter similar problem when making this...did you ground to a chassis..?

thanks for the help..
gigin (author)  assman665 years ago
I don't what happen but yes, it kind distortion in this amp but i dont have problem with hissing sound..
I connect ground chasing and power supply.