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  • Arduino Automatic Watering System For Plants Sprinkler

    can u help us out..?we are using an arduino,2n5551 transistor,1kohms resistor,12 volts water pump, and we need to supply 12 volts battery, we also use soil moisture sensor.......we had search on the net program...but it seems it dont fit the program coz we are using 12 volts battery while on the link we searched they are using 5 volts water pump......this our connection..can u help us the coding...pls....our system is automatic plant watering system wherein....the moisture sensor itself will detect if the soil of the plant is wet or dry,,,,,if the sensor detect the soil of the plant is dry ....the water pump will water the plants and if the sensor detects the soil is wet,,,,,,the water pump will stop and will not water the plants....can u help us out a complete program....thanks....

    we also use breadboard

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