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  • gin_ger commented on MakerBox's instructable How to: Laser engraver!8 months ago
    How to: Laser engraver!

    Yes. However, if you are actually trying to assemble the thing then the diagram is next to useless because it provides absolutely no useful detail in the intricacies of the assembly.

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  • Create Your Own Engagement Ring and SAVE MONEY?

    Bit of a factual error. The cost of a professionally produced product should not only reflect the cost of the materials. It should also include the time taken to design and craft something as well as the other consumables used and a portion of the set up costs e.g. the building, electricity and gas used in crafting the ring doesn't come for free.It's a very interesting instructable nonetheless

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  • gin_ger commented on louisc2's instructable How to: Laser cutter!9 months ago
    How to: Laser cutter!

    I have the same. Came with absolutely no instructions. Had to cobble together the build instructions as well as the instructions of how to set up and work the software from multiple internet sources. The laser engraver is good, but as someone who usually loves making and building, I can't tell you how irritating it was to find it supplied with absolutely no useful information

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