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Jan. 23, 2011
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  • DavidV274 commented on ginger20037's instructable Homemade Microwave Pizza1 week ago
    Homemade Microwave Pizza

    I just cut a single slice out of a huge frozen pizza and cut out a matching triangle of thin aluminum foil. I place the foil onto a microwavable plate and put the pizza slice on top.Little or no foil exposed. Cooked in the mw for three minutes on high. It came out bubbling on top. I removed the foil and the bottom was wet but not soggy.The very tip of the slice was dry and sort of hard. The crust was also hard but some people eat hard crusts anyway - I don t like crusts.Once it cooled the bottom dried out somewhat and I could see that there was a slight browning.The rest of the pizza was delicious.

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  • ginger20037 commented on seamster's instructable Flat-Pack Wooden Chairs6 months ago
    Flat-Pack Wooden Chairs

    How important are the 5 degree bevels on the 'C' peices?

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