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  • gingerbaker commented on wilgubeast's instructable 9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin8 months ago
    9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin

    That study showed little risk, except possibly at higher doses in certain people with other conditions, and even then they said there were little to zero symptoms of these bleeds. The authors were careful to say that the benefits outweighed risks for most people for the prevention of heart attack and stroke.

    Proof source, please? I have read that there is no evidence of brain cell loss from alcohol use. I have never even heard of such an association with aspirin use, let alone low dose regimens for prevention of heart attack, stroke.

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  • gingerbaker commented on Meglymoo87's instructable Natural Strep Throat Remedy2 years ago
    Natural Strep Throat Remedy

    Please stop defending your position that you are providing a cure for anything here, let alone Strep. What you are doing is irresponsible and dangerous. Doubling down by claiming that anything you have referenced has any clinical validity just compounds your lack of credibility.I am going to complain to management here about this - hopefully, they will act to change or pull your post.

    Of course you implied that no one need use antibiotics - because you said your nostrum was a "CURE".! I don't care if people gargle with garlic and honey. What I care about is the misuse of medical terminology which can lead to bad medical treatment.Just change your vocabulary - don't say "cure" say natural treatment...... hey - wait a second - the word "cure was removed. Good! :)

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