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gintonforge (author) 2 years ago
Please bear with my Oscar-esque speech after winning in the Makerlympics which I also posted in my build blog:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Instructables!

I definitely couldn’t have won this without the support of friends and family, with particular mention of Jedi Master Gregg Yan, who did the first paint job on the knife (it made for brilliant photographs!). He deserves this award as much as I do and I consider him one of my mentors as a craftsman (though he will be too humble to admit it). I also thank Mark Bennett of Dune Info for giving me his valuable insight and guidance as (imho) the world’s best Dune chronicler and aficionado (I’d say expert but he’s too humble for that, too!) since I started out with the project many many months ago.

I’ll be doing something nice for the people in Instructables to show my profuse appreciation for their kind support of an obscure noob like me. I’ve decided to raffle the first light-up version of the crysknife here in the Instructables when I’ve finished crafting it, which I’m aptly naming “Muad’Dib’s Maker Lamp”. I'm still formulating the mechanics and of course, finishing the build.  Please stay tuned for details!

Thrilled, grateful and humbled by the all the blessings and generosity of this world,

Mark Ponce