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Jan. 25, 2016
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  • gling01 commented on ArianaSLabus's instructable Switch Plate Artwork8 months ago
    Switch Plate Artwork

    Great way to pretty up old, yucky switch plate! I would have also painted the toggle to blend with the artwork :-)

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  • gling01 commented on JoyUsGarden's instructable How I Trained My Hoya8 months ago
    How I Trained My Hoya

    I did basically the same thing with mine because I don't have space for a trailing hoya all over my tiny home.But I don't want to transplant it because they hate that and it will punish me by not flowering for a year.

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  • gling01 commented on Kalebjans's instructable Zip Tie Sunglasses9 months ago
    Zip Tie Sunglasses

    NOT sunglasses and they won't stay on.

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  • gling01 commented on Renard_Bleu's instructable Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable9 months ago
    Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable

    I had a gravel driveway about 100 ft long, shared with neighbours who had another 40 ft. We hired a ploughing company (plough on front of truck) and they just jet the blade to leave an inch or 2 of snow behind. Before that another neighbour was coming over with his snow blower which worked fine (set the height/depth to leave a layer behind) but since it was so narrow between the houses it was a long job of getting all the snow into the back yards and then off the parking areas.

    I've always wanted to try a similar method but it takes 2 people.Before the ground freezes. anchor one edge of a tarp or 2 (whatever you need. More small tarps are better than less large tarps) into the lawn a couple of feet from the driveway. Use anchors that penetrate into the ground at least a foot. Tie ropes onto the other edge with pull handles (rope through heavy tubing).Roll up the tarp and hold it in place with rocks. Before it snows, unroll the tarp across the driveway and over cars (or up against one side of the car/van if it doesn't go over. Tie it down on the far side. I would insert big eye-bolt (like a large dog chain gets attached to) before the ground freezes. After the snow fall, using the handles, pull the tarp back across the lane from the far side to the anchored side. This moves al the snow into the yard. Of course this would only really work for homes in the suburbs where the yards and driveways are the same length or close to it. Maybe use variations to suit differnt situations.

    I have often used this method to remove ice from a windshield... and the entire car... COLD water in a plant watering can... pour it along the edges. The cold water ensures the glass won't crack but it's warmer than the frozen stuff. you only need to liquify a thin layer between the ice and the glass, then push the entire sheet off. Work quickly so the cold water doesn't freeze.

    LenP That would be even more work than shovelling!

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  • gling01 commented on mhill's instructable Light a storage room with LED rope light9 months ago
    Light a storage room with LED rope light

    Brilliant!!! (pun fully intentional). I can see where this could be very handy in many places. My brain went straight to lighting up the stair case or deck by mounting it under the handrail or under the top of the railing around a deck. The shed in the backyard, inside kitchen cupboards, under overhead kitchen cupborads... list is growing. Thanks!

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  • gling01 commented on copernicus66's instructable Steampunk Phone Speaker9 months ago
    Steampunk Phone Speaker

    I love this simple project. Add a nice copper or brass coloured case to the phone to complete the 'look' :-)

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