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jingo693 years ago
my transformers are posted!
ferrari4845 years ago
glitched9700 (author)  ferrari4845 years ago
its no-where near as good as your transformers but is my first one.
would you be interested if I posted 2 lego transformers (octamus prime and bumblebee)?

p.s. only bumblebee will have instructions.
glitched9700 (author)  jingo693 years ago
Yeah sounds cool.
it's awesome
KnexFreek5 years ago
ruslanryan6 years ago
Can u please put instrutions for any bumble bee we love your master peices
im gonna try and making it soon so yeh
smilee5 years ago
Hey if i make a transformer and post it will you post 1 of yours! Pwitty Pweese!
glitched9700 (author) 6 years ago
As an update to everone, My Transformer upgrades and rebuilds are looking great so far, and im going to make a slideshow with a ton of pictures of each of them. Also I am going to post 2 new instructables before the end of the month. Thats it for now.
you swear
he glitchedif you going to take appart your optimus prime can you take some pics of the inside of it please please your one of the best non gun builders of this site wait no of the world
glitched9700 (author)  dutchwarlord6 years ago
Thanks, but i'm not going to be taking apart my optimus ever, too much work went into to it to destroy it.