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35Timmy4 years ago
when you said the only semi decant crosman airsoft gun is the crosman c11 well your wrong and right what i mean by that yes the crosman c-11 is semidecant and part your wrong gon is that the c11 is the only semi decant airsoft gun example the crosman gameface gf-15a4 a http://gamefaceairsoft.crosman.com/gf15a4.php cording to reviews. as seen in http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Airsoft-AEG-Buying-Guide/?&sort=ACTIVE&limit=40&offset=40=  second of all you could not be acurcate with any brand of airsoft guns if you try to miss the target and still with the details you said of wghich consvinced you on not buying crosman. http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Airsoft-AEG-Buying-Guide/?&sort=ACTIVE&limit=40 bioblyograpthy users of instructables.com godfather trevor for his theory that i explained and mr.fnk for the reality of his comment note this is no spam because it's to help people in airsoft also all the comments that ae proven are with respect to the words the the comment makers.besides this is positve towards airsoft and is constructive to show how it will really be.i also believe in people got rights to their veiws and beliefs the reason why i have posted this again is because it has not seen on your comments from view god father trevors profile
35Timmy4 years ago
hey god father trevor i wanted to give you a tip of advise you can use on your articles on airsoft and i can still use it to i thought of it on my own i do not know if other people figured it out yet before me or not the advise is"with aegs look at the clear version if the gears look lusture and does not look mattalic they are probbly plastic you can even zoomin with the pdf on the owners manuals if you have to or copy and paste the image with a biblyograpthy and zoom in with a computer art program such as paint.if they do look stronger than plastic lusture and it shows mallatic and or if it's shiny then it's probbly metal"this is just for me to do you a favor you can use this for your aeg buying guide if you want just do not forget to say that you got it from me