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yoyojoeco5 years ago
omg you sound just like me!
goeon (author)  yoyojoeco5 years ago
Cool !
acidbass6 years ago
not rocketscientist2015 anymore tis Kentsokay
goeon (author)  acidbass6 years ago
haha, i just haven't gotten around to changing the names on that list
acidbass goeon6 years ago
i kinda figured that just wanted to let you know just in case you didnt know
goeon (author)  acidbass6 years ago
acidbass goeon6 years ago
no prob
Berkin6 years ago
Dead account is dead. :\
goeon (author)  Berkin6 years ago
nope my laptop is dead so i can only get on one in a while Hey hey hey
PKTraceur6 years ago
 Heyy man! It's been awhile. How ya been? I've been kinda stuck doing other stuff... I've really grown in parkour, I've got a book worth of philosophy now :P

My ghillie is still in the works (3 freaking summers... Im a lazy mofo) and I got a new airsoft shotgun! My bro got an M4. Umm... yeah... im surprised I'm still on your top list, lol. We never finished that Armstrong's mixture, did we? This is probably for Slime (Is he Thermoelectric or Izanagi Telos now?) but I have plenty of denim for an upcoming quick draw scabbard.

It's good to be back at 'Ibles man. 

PS:Tell Slime or whatever his name Is now I lost my SHIFT translator. Say hi to bkreed for me.
goeon (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
 Hey,Ive been good! I haven't been on ibles that much either, the meebo room has recently switched to IRC and the IRC is a real dead zone. I haven't talked to bkreed in a while. its the IRCs fault : / anyways izanagi telos is now camisado 

i recently got an airsoft uzi and i am enjoying it to the fullest 

if you get a chance you could go on the irc and see if anyones there


and the channel is #instructables


Good to see you back!

DJ Radio6 years ago
Looking at your top 15, I remember all the awesome times we had in the meebo room.  How I was in there for almost the whole day long.  Now it's a desolate wasteland and we have an IRC room.
goeon (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
 No one is ever in the irc any more :/ its sorta fail now 
DJ Radio6 years ago
I heard you're getting sued.
:D your awesome.... -.-