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RogerD51 year ago

You are an amazing steampunk. I think that if someone made a steampunk company you would be their chief goggles/glasses maker and supervisor. You really need to post a tutorial for these. THANKS!

artefacter4 years ago
Not bad compilation. What do you think?

gogglerman (author)  artefacter4 years ago
Yes, there are similar solutions. Maybe this is coincidence? ;)
Landreg5 years ago
so i ahve been looking for a watch face that i love for a long time in order to do a steampunk leather cuff watch and i was really hopeing that you sell your stuff!!!!!!! Because i would LOVE to buy iris cover "TimEys" Pleas let me know!!!!!
daynarr5 years ago
Really Cool!!! Goggles have a clean, crisp look to them. Very stylish. Your attention to detail is phenomenal. I would be interested in seeing the full instructable (measurements, etc.)
Duct tape goggles
You gotta make em
I'll subscribe if u do
gogglerman (author)  AwesomeSwordGuy5 years ago
Usually I prefer more reliable materials, however, probably once I will make "Duct tape goggles"
Hoooyyat5 years ago
Where Can I buy the Completely leather goggles? And, How much would they be?
By the way, all of your goggles are completely awesome.
gogglerman (author)  Hoooyyat5 years ago
It is a pity, but I don't do them on sale. As to the price similar products on Etsy are on sale within 120 dollars.
Thanks for an appreciation of my works.
instruct395 years ago
All your instructables are amazing work! For that, i subscribed to you.