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  • gomer394 commented on gomer394's instructable Home-made Anvil18 minutes ago
    Home-made Anvil

    Sounds good to me-if you have or can get a picture I'd love to see it.

    Thanks! Top plate is 14 x 4 x 1/2", 23" end to end, 9 1/2 inches tall. I'm not with the anvil now, but I'm pretty sure the base plate was 9 x 7 x 1". Weighed in at about 106 lbs.

    Yeah I think I would-I would build the body the same, but maybe do the shoulder a little different-run some 1"plate horizontally across the whole thing

    Thanks for the kind words and the excellent suggestions-I like the idea of a wheeled cart! I'm pretty happy with the weight, though I'm still trying to decide how to secure it to the stump. I might just use some flat bar and wood screws across the base.

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  • gomer394 commented on gomer394's instructable Home-made Anvil23 hours ago
    Home-made Anvil

    I was just thinking about that yesterday-one long slot straight up the middle!

    I'll try to post a video next time I fire up the forge. It sounds good.

    It's funny you mention that-I relabeled my harbor freight anvil with an "acme".

    I'm still in the learning phase, but it's my understanding that to forge weld both pieces of metal need to be at forge welding temp; the anvil's never gonna get that hot. As to the cost of rods, yes-if you buy a forged anvil from harbor freight, the rods would cost more. I know,I have a harbor freight anvil. They suck. And I love harbor freight! I looked around, and used anvils are now being sold at antique shops, at 4-8 dollars a lb, and are still being snatched up by want-to-be blacksmiths such as myself! I work at a fab shop, so this solution worked for me, As noted at the beginning of my instructable.

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  • gomer394 followed TechnicusJoe2 days ago
      • One heat tong blank
      • Replacing a handle on a (forging) hammer
      • Bolt tongs forged of 2 railroad spikes
  • gomer394 commented on gomer394's instructable Home-made Anvil2 days ago
    Home-made Anvil

    There are several schools of thought-some say harder is better, use tool steel. Others say as long as your anvil is harder than the red hot metal you're beating on, you're good.I'm going by the second. In the words of the Louisiana metal Smith's association; "put some more heat on it"!I also plan on padding the top plate with 7018 eventually, which will harden it a little. It's mild steel, so you can weld anything to it, grind it, whatever.

    Finally working WITH the forge and anvil, not ON the forge and anvil!

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  • gomer394 commented on gomer394's instructable Home-made Anvil4 days ago
    Home-made Anvil

    Welding in south Louisiana, you have to stay hydrated-that's all I have to say about that

    Many thanks

    Ha! Great comment, thanks-this one got read aloud to the fellas at work! To answer your question, this thing ended up weighing in at about 106 lbs. I didn't do any weight equations before starting, I was just hoping for something between 85 and 120 so I could move it in and outside. Thanks again for the awesome words!

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