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Arbitror5 years ago
Thank you for being one of my 40 subscribers today!
PyRo_RaPiD5 years ago
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gonturan (author)  PyRo_RaPiD5 years ago
Is this the batch file in question?

@echo offcolor f0title Logon Bot Makerecho Input URL of logon page:set /p "website=>http://"echo:echo Input username:set /p "username=>"echo:echo Input password:set /p "password=>"echo::inputecho Is there a checkbox that needs checking after the password box?set /p "input=>"echo:If /I "%input%" == "YES" (set checkbox=truegoto work)If /I "%input%" == "NO" (set checkbox=falsegoto work)echo Sorry, your last input was invalid.  Please try again.goto input:workIF EXIST logonbot.vbs (echo Error:echo An instance of logonbot.vbs already exists in:echo %cd%echo Please move this batch file or logonbot.vbs to a different location.echo Or you could just rename logonbot.vbs...echo:echo Press any key to exit.pause >nulexit)echo Working...echo set a = createobject("") >> logonbot.vbsecho "http://%website%" >> logonbot.vbsecho wscript.sleep (5000) >> logonbot.vbsecho a.sendkeys ("%username%") >> logonbot.vbsecho wscript.sleep (2000) >> logonbot.vbsecho a.sendkeys chr(9) >> logonbot.vbsecho wscript.sleep (2000) >> logonbot.vbsecho a.sendkeys ("%password%") >> logonbot.vbsecho wscript.sleep (1000) >> logonbot.vbsIF "%checkbox%" == "true" echo a.sendkeys chr(9) >> logonbot.vbsIF "%checkbox%" == "true" echo wscript.sleep (1000) >> logonbot.vbsIF "%checkbox%" == "true" echo a.sendkeys chr(32) >> logonbot.vbsIF "%checkbox%" == "true" echo wscript.sleep (1000) >> logonbot.vbsecho a.sendkeys "{Enter}" >> logonbot.vbsecho call msgbox("Finished") >> logonbot.vbsecho wscript.quit >> logonbot.vbsecho:echo Logonbot has been output to:echo %cd%\logonbot.vbsecho:echo Press any key to exit.pause >nulexit

If it is, could you explain what exactly went wrong?

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