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  • grammyjean commented on makendo's instructable Folding candelabrum10 months ago
    Folding candelabrum

    Makendo, what are the adapters for regular tall candles--the white plastic things that go in the holes for the votives? What are they called, and where can you get them? Looks like they could make the project more versatile. Love it!

    I made a candle holder VERY similar to this one, but makendo's methods were easier, and and his was less expensive to make. Just showing some pictures with seasonal enhancements that really dress it up I think. Thanks, makendo, for reminding me of this idea and for your great ideas.

    Thanks for responding so quickly, makendo!The design as shown requires that the tea light be removed to close up the candle holder into one flat piece. The washers are a great idea though! I'll try it!

    I forgot to say that I made my candle holder years ago, but I continue to enjoy it. Makendo's design would make nice gifts at less cost than mine. I love the menorah idea also.

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