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    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    I'VE WORKED EMS from Long Beach NY (Cadillac unit)Orange County CAL. (Cadillac unit)Seward Alaska then NYC/EMS.So take my advice if the unit you buy still has any cabinets the flooring anying that could get any liquids under it. Including the walls n ceiling. Watch out for any blood or any decading material.Not going to say they aren't cleaned out after all bloody or lice infected patients. BUT! Be sale gloves and mask/eye protection! Lots of bleach and disinfectant. After I would strip it out wash with bleach n more bleach. Being carefully when striping it out from cuting your self or flicking anything into your eyes while striping it out. That goes for the front seat area too! Alot of maybes, I would take a chance even if the agency says the foumergateed! Still be aware Ive had patients that were bleeding so bad the ceiling and walls got cover in blood or other bodily fluids!No joke!

    Be safe and remember when you are washing andyou have all the water and bleach flowing out where you going to put the waste water and parts???

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