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Dipankar3 years ago
Thank you for following my projects, with best wishes..........
speedcat139 years ago
what is this "rtv" of which you speak?
grenades_and_ham (author)  speedcat136 years ago
room temperature vulcanizing rubber go look at gasket sealer at the auto parts store
grenades_and_ham (author)  speedcat138 years ago
rtv room temperature vulcanizing rubber you can get it at wally world or at an auto shop as a gasket sealer.
cool name
mechuditas8 years ago
hmm tea toning thats pretty good. we usually use dark coffee in our lab. its cheaper than the kodak toner. plus it helps yield a more mellow and evenly toned print. and we dont have the health risks of heavy metal selenium poisioning do you have more tips on substitutions that are not poissonous in photo developing?
grenades_and_ham (author) 9 years ago
im a professional asshole its what i do. but i see that i have succeeded in doing what i aimed to do
granades_and_ham? what the hell is that? autism? if you dont like my stuff then fine; but dont leave stupid shit on my comments. why dont you try making something you lazy ass