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Oct. 18, 2013
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  • How to Make a Pure Black Photography Background!

    I think you are having trouble shooting on a whitebackground because the camera is on auto exposure.Most cameras assume the overall average reflectance of the sceneis 18% of the whitest area. If you shoot a small object on a big white card thecamera will adjust the average brightness down so the white becomes grey as thecamera will under expose.There are several options to correct this. Check if you camerahas Back Light Compensation. If it does see if you can set it to plus 2 ½ stops.This will fool the camera to overexpose which should bring the white back towhite.Another option is to see if your camera has Spot Metering.This masks the cameras metering area to a spot, usually in the centre thisignoring the white background but correctly exposing your item of interest.If you have no adjustments your camera may be able to lockits exposure by partly pressing the shutter button.You will need a tripod. A good photographicsupplier should be able to sell you an 18% grey card. Hold the bard behind youritem with one hand, partly depress the shutter to lock the exposure (and focus) then remove the grey card and fully press the shutter. then remove the grey card and fully press the shutter.

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  • Arduino Email Sender with Ethernet adapter/shield

    Hi there,Many thanks for your time in producing this guide. I am not clear though, will this only send a preset message? I am looking to send at least one vairable number such as " The current temp is" 123 "c" and may be date and time as well. I intend to use a RTC to send the email once a day so could add the date / time to the email.

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