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May 8, 2014
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  • Home Theater LED Lighting & Speaker Set-Up

    Awesome 'ible. One little niggling point: some basic pics of the finished shelves would be cool. Might be some stuff in the video, but I can't watch the video(at work) & it would be cool to see the finished product.

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  • Built-in Shelves Between the Studs

    I might literally do this for a large chunk of my hallway. small house, not enough storage space.

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  • groghunter commented on CobyUnger's instructable Manual Chainsaw1 month ago
    Manual Chainsaw

    FWIW, I've tried one of these, & your statement "but it is faster than most other hand held saws" hasn't held true for me. a $30 folding Corona wasn't just slightly faster, it was night & day. I'm all for repurposing & being able to make tools instead of buying them, but in this case, $30 is well spent on a saw that will get the work done in 1/5th the time.

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  • groghunter commented on BrittLiv's instructable Deadpool Knife Block6 months ago
    Deadpool Knife Block

    Wüsthof Paring Knife?! Phantom Limb?

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  • groghunter commented on peppypickle's instructable Bike Chain Cleaning and Maintenance6 months ago
    Bike Chain Cleaning and Maintenance

    Contrary to the recommendation of the other people in these comments, chain manufacturers recommend that you DO NOT use strong solvents or chain cleaners to clean your chain. All modern chains are impregnated with high quality grease from the factory, & deep cleaning removes that grease. you can never really replace it afterwards, & it's a better lubricant/protectant for the rollers than anything you can add once the chain is assembled. Wipe the chain off, with a mild solvent sprayed on the rag if needed, then put a drop of lubricant on each roller to help with keeping stuff out of the inside of the roller, & call it good.As for lubricants, TriFlow is a terrible chain lube. There's lots of decent lubes, but I prefer synthetics as they tend to have the advantages of both wax & oil lubes, with none of the drawbacks. Purple Extreme is my favorite, but Du Monde Tech works great as well.

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