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  • Kane Tsugi Joint  -  Three way pinned corner mitre

    I think I will cheat and do it on the CNC router

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  • gthompson20 commented on josemivaz's instructable Laser Printed PCB's, Perfect and Easy.3 months ago
    Laser Printed PCB's, Perfect and Easy.

    I also used to make them 20 years ago, with some practice you can get some very fine lines, from memory the best I got was 2 lines between IC pads. For simple boards I now use a CNC router to cut out the insulation and leave the connections, plus it can drill the board at the same time. I have been thinking of reviving the method again for more complex boards, as I still 20 L of ferric chloride that work did not want when I left.

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  • Master a perfect inline wire splice everytime

    Acid should NEVER be used with wiring. Gm280 was on the right track with the thermal shunt, the problem is not the solder but the flux that causes the corrosion. Even resin flux will break down over time and cause corrosion. Therefore any traces must be removed for a perfect job, Also for a perfect joint the wires should be chemically cleaned prior to soldering to remove finger oils. Isopropyl alcohol is good for both of these.

    Hopefully your live wire is only 12v.

    Isopropyl alcohol, available on ebay, plus if your interested there are some very good (and some absolutely horrid ones) videos on Youtube that show the requirements for perfect soldering, do a search "High reliability hand soldering" It was originally an eighty course when I did it 35 years ago.

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