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TOCO6 years ago
Hey, you should make an instructable of your home made power supply.
FireSnake9 years ago
I just read, "EL wire eye candy" and it had an idea..(hope i don't sound to dull)...if one uses "warp" and "weave" to create an EL wire "sheet", couldn't one create at least a 16-bit image? I saw from your barber pole that you were getting some pretty complex patterns, and i enjoyed it very much!
obdave9 years ago
Hello - Hey, I just wanted to thank you for your instructable on your EL light sequencer. This year was my first burn, and now I'm infected! I have an art car project in mind for next year, and I'm starting off by building a 64-channel EL sequencer. The digital and software side I'm pretty comfortable with, but I'm not so good with the analog stuff. So I cribbed the triacs and optoisolators from your design. Hope you don't mind. :) Once I test my hardware I'll start posting stuff about it. I'm still in the early proto stage. Again, many thanks! Dave --
guerroloco (author)  obdave9 years ago
That's great Dave, I'm envious -- I haven't been to BM since 2002. 64 channels sounds like a big project. How are you going to handle the power needs? One inverter per channel? Ganged sets of outputs driven by single inverters (e.g. 8 sets of 8)? Or one giant inverter hooked up to the battery? Looking forward to more details.
Sure. Send me your email address and I'll send you the preliminary schematic. But, no, I was planning to use one giant inverter to power the whole shebang. EL wire just doesn't draw that much current, and for this particular project the individual EL segments are going to be a few feet long. So I'm hoping I get get away with one big beefy inveter to power the whole enchilada. I don't know if I will experience weird switching issues, though - for example, if my animations go from one segment on to all segments on, will I see weird variances in brightness? I suppose I could lay out the board such that I have the option to cut some traces and power it with multiple inverters. I hope it doesn't come to that, though. Most of the animations I'm envisioning will probably only have 1/4 to 1/2 the segments lit at any given moment. But the main reason for having 64 channels is that I wanted to have really complex and fluid animations. I did decide to bail on etching my own copper though - the final board looks like it's going to be about 8" x 8", and I want separate ground and Vcc planes, and you can't really do that on a laser printer. Also, it would be a hell of a lot of drilling since my board is going to be pretty densely populated with through-hole ICs. Regards, Dave -