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haha banned =p cya l8r m8
Metal4God8 years ago
woooooo weren't you banned and weren't you ouch!!!!!!!|!!!!!?
gunmanx (author)  Metal4God8 years ago
no and my name isnt ouchanymore
haha unbanned :P cya ltr mate
go to my orange board to c newly released pics and vids of my newest gun MAGNUM
gunmanx (author)  Knex Lego Maniac9 years ago
chea i saw em this morning all u did is pull somtin bak and take it apart booooorrrrriiiing
i was pulling back the bolt/firing pin and showing how simple it is to operate, use, and field strip and reassemble boring maybe but proof of a good gun ya anywho sry u didn't like the gun
gunmanx (author)  Knex Lego Maniac9 years ago
yah i like the gun and all but u didnt fire it :D tht was all i wanted to see and yah i cant wait till yah post it but i hav a couple of questions. wat does it fire?? does it hav a tru triger or somting?? or its not dun yet and u cant fire it any way yah i cant wait tilll u post it :)
it is pretty much complete the gun has a true trigger as shown in the picks and vids it was designed as a prototype so for now it only fires sniper rods and i have a new magnum round that i have yet to show off
are you dead yet???
what? do you think that he's going to say "yes im dead" He's more likely to say "Fender's my Best-freind"
gunmanx (author)  knex hater hater9 years ago
fender is now obsolete


gunmanx (author)  Metal4God9 years ago
stop hattin