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Laserman5956 years ago
what ? I am 13 and super interested please tell me more!
I know that perpetual motion is pretty much a dead end, but a wheel that will turn over and over for a couple days or at least an hour is stile incredibly fascinating to me!
guyfrom7up (author)  Laserman5956 years ago
well it'll just have to come through experimentation!

but a cool device that you might want to look into is a Low Temperature Differential (LTD) stirling engine.

It's a little engine that one can build fairly easily that turns a flywheel (it has essentially no power, just enough to keep a wheel rotating) that operates off of very small heat sorces, such as your hand, or a computer, or anything like that!

Especially search youtube
lemonie7 years ago
Square up you avatar - add 50 pixels of white to the left and right sides. Then the head and wheels won't be cut off? L
Hi, You mentioned that you were working on an instructable for Tesla's 'ball lightning' experiments - how do you intend to do that? I'm dying to know! Good luck with it!
guyfrom7up (author)  ElectricUmbrella7 years ago
hm, I totally forgot about doing that, well it's all experimental and most of it is just HV discharging through some materials to create an effect (and if it works, ball lightening?) i can actually work on instructables projects now, now that all of my schhool club projects are over, i now have "me" time. i'll see what i can do, but I can't really give any specs at this point in time
If you need a design, these guys here seem to have a pretty good one, from what I understand: http://www.ussdiscovery.com/corum/corum/corum.htm
comodore7 years ago
Sorry to bother you, could you please take a look at my question?

Thank you!

Hey! I just added one of your Instructables to my Plants group.

Thanks, and feel free to join!

lol... I almost clicked it unitl I saw the address in the bottom left corner of my browser...
OMG WTF OMG!!!???!!! I am going to strangle you!!! xD hahahaha Can you give me the link plz! I want to trick some other people! xD
haha ok thanks! My list of who to prank is LONG.... :)
guyfrom7up (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
you sly devil you!
guyfrom7up (author) 8 years ago
Just cause I feel like it, I might turn this into a blog about me
theburn78 years ago