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  • gv11 commented on code source's instructable how to create calculator in batch1 year ago
    how to create calculator in batch

    Really nice work But I thinks its a lot of code for not much you could gave shorten it . I did one too (I'm a newbee to batch programming) what do yo think of It ? :@echo offmode con: cols=20 lines=10Title Calculator:A echo Enter your operation set /p cal= set /a answer=%cal% echo *** %answer% ***GOTO A

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  • gv11 commented on marmig0404's instructable Batch File Calculator1 year ago
    Batch File Calculator

    hey just wanted to share my own I am kind of a Newbee In batch programmingan here is a small as I can get the programm :@echo offmode con: cols=100 lines=20Title Basic 2 numbers operations:Necho *****Basic Calculator By Auto5k*****echo choose an operation {1=addition ;2=substraction ;3=multiplication ;4=division}echo to exit the program enter {5}set /p m=if %m%==1 set l=+if %m%==2 set l=-if %m%==3 set l=*if %m%==4 set l=/if %m%==5 GOTO EGOTO A:A set /p one=enter your first number set /p sec=enter your second number set /a rep=%one%%l%%sec% echo ****%rep%**** pauseGOTO N:E

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