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  • halleva commented on Phil B's instructable Fountain Pen Problems1 year ago
    Fountain Pen Problems

    Hello Phil. I have a fairly new Lamy Studio fountain pen. When I write, say three full pages or more the pen acts as if the ink converter is empty. Invariably when I open the pen I always find that the converter is still half full. In order to get the ink flowing again I always need to do one of two things. One, push a little ink using the converter's piston/plunger until I see a drop of ink at the nib, or, two, I need to refill the converter completely full. I read your post using the copy paper to test the fit. I can't even begin to get the copy paper between the nib and feed. Could that be my problem? I am using Lamy ink and I diligently cleaned the pen when I first got it (about a month ago). Thank you for your feed back.

    That makes a lot of sense Phil. I am going to try a cartridge as soon as this converter is empty, or acts as if it's empty anyways. That should tell me with certainty. Thanks so much for your time and input.

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