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egger17 years ago
Hi, Just wondering how things are going re sending your wonderful ORIGINAL DESIGN egg to the Forbes Gallery? It was such a positive experience being involved and good things have come from it for me. I have bought some beads to give them a go on eggs. Love to hear from you again. Best wishes - Glenis
harizard (author)  egger17 years ago
Hello Glenis, Sorry it took me so long to response to you. My son, which is in the military, came home on the 27th of December. He left today, so I spent as much time as possible with him. The Forbe Gallery was a great, positive experience. I would do it all again. I have new friends because of instructables. The egg was shipped and shipped back without any problems. I have been busy egging too. Let us keep in touch. Happy New Year! Pat
sarah49868 years ago
wow!!! I'm very impressed...when I was a child, I saw a touring exhibition of the czar's treasury collection, which included many beautiful Faberge eggs. The elegance and intricacy caused a lasting impression which I haven't forgotten even though I was really quite young at the time. Your eggs are simply stunning, have you considered posting an instructable for those who are interested in egging, but have nill experience?
harizard (author)  sarah49868 years ago
Thank you Sarah for all you kind words. Touring the exhibition would have been exciting to me too. The problem right now on doing an instructable is time. From my understanding I have to take a picture on every step. Right now I am committed to 30 eggs for a show. If you are interested in the instructable on this egg or would like to do one. I can get your e-mail address and mail them to you after my commitments are finished.
pmbalice8 years ago
I think your opal egg design is beautiful. I have always wanted to design a Faberge styled egg using an ostrich egg, but don't know where to purchase an ostrich egg
harizard (author)  pmbalice8 years ago
pmbalice, I have several ostrich eggs, I will private message you.
thanrose8 years ago
Went to your site. I love your work! The goose egg with white relief, maybe rococo? with the assymetrical gold stand and pearl drops at what I guess to be a closure on a hinged egg: magnificent. The opulent colors of the filigreed hummingbird themed egg are breathtaking. I felt like I did the first time I saw the Faberge eggs.
harizard (author)  thanrose8 years ago
Thank you, The goose egg which you speak about is lace covering the egg. Thank you for your kind words.
kaypc8 years ago
I am somewhat confused about your entry. I made an egg exactly like this one some years ago from instructions provided to me by another egger. I'm going to look up her name because I don't believe it was you. You are saying this is your original design and I don't believe it is. Original designs should be totally your own idea and not those of others.. I will post the name as soon as I return home and look up the name on the instruction sheet.
harizard (author)  kaypc8 years ago
Kaypc, I feel the need to address your statement. First, This is my design, I designed this egg for the IEAG for the design of the month. The design was called Scalloped Elegance and was inspired by the egg Bonbonniere. I know the year was 2002. I can verify with documentation. I believe, after you check your facts, you will see that I am owed an apology.

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