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  • harmless matt commented on Seanspqr's instructable A Great Guitar Build5 months ago
    A Great Guitar Build

    A few comments:1. I don't think "Greatest... Ever" should really be used in your title (just a personal thing). I known many "greatest"-- Michihiro Matsuda, greatest luthier; Dr. Carl Misch, greatest dental implant surgeon/prosthedontist, etc, etc...none of these guys call themselves "greatest." IMHO, only hacks are full of themselves.2. Excellent instructible on the build process3. Some things to would have been nice to see: shielding; setting action via neck angle.4. All in all, a pretty nice job on the build and guitar.5. You may want to splurge and get a hand-struck rasp. Uno Pechar makes my favorites.

    Ah, I didn't mean to be harsh. Sorry.Fair enough, regarding the neck angle portion.If you've never used a handstruck rasp, you don't know what you're missing out. I have a Shinto rasp too...it's a good starter tool for rough removal. If you ever get a chance to try an Auriou, Lioger, Gramercy (or Pechar) rasp--do so! If you're around SF, you're welcome to try mine.

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